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About Us

Besides designing and implementing your web site, OneConnection brings an understanding of your business needs and the solutions to connect your business with your customers. 

Why Us

Years of Experience

As a private business, we have been developing web sites since 2004. But many of our developers have additional experience working within large companies development teams.

Proven Successful Developments 

We have developed hundreds of web sites, each time improving the site's visual appeal and functionality so you can connect with your customers.

We Listen to You 

Each business is different than the next. We learn your business needs so we can better tell your customers about you.

Who we are

This Isn't Our Team

OneConnection is a virtual company in a virtual world. We have staff working from various locations in the U.S. (no offshore development). Your web site project gets assigned to only the people necessary to complete the development. Keep our staff trim, trims your costs as well. 
You need a change to your web site? We don't disappear after your development is done. Our low monthly hosting includes minor graphic and text changes.  Just drop us a note or give us a call. We'll update your site for free.
Web site design changes each year.  Over the past few years design has moved away from rounded buttons and shadowed pictures and embrace a clean, flat interface that is easy to read. Like the one you are looking at now. 
Search Engine Optimization companies will charge you hundreds of dollars a month and promise you the first page of Google.  Our sites are SEO enabled and we automatically submit your site to the main search engines. At no cost.
Besides the flat design, web sites now have to properly display on numerous types of devices.  Instead of just displaying a miniature of your site where a customer has to zoom in to read it's content, new Responsive Design reflows your site into modules with the proper orientation and text size to make it useable.