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Want visitors to find their interests on your site?  Our built-in search indexing runs every 15 minutes.  Almost as soon as you change your content, the site's internal search engine finds your new information.
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We host at high quality datacenter partners to provide the network and facilities uptime and reliability that are paramount our infrastructure.

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OneConnection.com is based in Thousand Oaks, California and is dedicated to bring Information Technology solutions to small and medium business owners. Learn more


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What We Do for Your Business Web Site

When you give out your business card or your automated telephone answering system gives out your web site address, are you confident that your web site is helping your business?

Try answering a few questions:

  • Does your website present your business with less care and quality than you take with your actual establishment?
  • Do you get a lot of phone calls from people who have questions, need directions, etc.? Even AFTER they have visited your web site?
  • Are there nagging problems or design issues with your current site that you can’t seem to get resolved?
  • Do you get lost on your own web site? (if you do, then your customers definitely do)
  • Is your site loaded with unnecessary graphic animations that slow or prevent the customer from finding the information they need?
  • If you need to have updates, do they seem to take forever and you are charged for each little change?
  • Are you receiving no information on how many people are visiting your web site

If you answered yes to any of these, you’ll benefit from speaking with a business specialist at OneConnection.com.  We can help you improve the effectiveness of your on-line advertising.
Please contact us by calling (805) 276-7406 or by email at info@oneconnection.com.
Business Intelligence

ExecutiveOverview.pngIf potential customers find you on the web, do you know it? Can you tell if they see your home page and then immediately leave? Our services provide integration with analytical programs that tell you every last detail about your visitors. How many arrive, how many pages they visit, what information they are viewing, etc.

Just look at this Executive Overview example. You can view days, months or even years to see what is happening on your site. Did you release a coupon or a mailing with your web site address? How effective was it? Did more people visit your site or was the mailing a waste of time and money? You can tell with our measurement tools.

MarketingSummary.pngDo you know how visitors get to your site? Do you pay for advertising in online directories or virtual yellow pages? Do you advertising with Yahoo, Google? If so, are you getting a return on your investment with them? We will teach you how to determine advertising effectiveness, using our systems and the reports that are available for you. You can watch your marketing plan unfold, measuring what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t get an increase in web site traffic and subsequent business, you can promptly adjust your plan to maximize effectiveness of your advertising dollars.

Free Updates
Since our system is so easy to use, we provide free updates on exisitng content. Of course, if you have to add a section or page, there will be a charge, but we don't increase your monthly fee each time we add a new functionality. We just configure the new module, add the content and turn it on. Just a one-time implementation fee, that's all.
Business Sites Done Right
We know business.  We can help you integrate your traditional marketing and advertising plans with your Internet presence. In addition, you'll know what your web site is doing for you, each hour of every day. All at a surprisingly affordable cost.
Manage Your Own Site
Our techology allows us to create a design for you and then turn on sections that you can update. Simply login and click on the editing icon and a word-processing box appears. Simply type in your new text or change the old. Click on 'Update' and the changes are instantly applied to your web site. Also choose from FAQs, calendars, announcments and many more modules to use.
Technically Sound

Besides visually presenting your business in the best possible light, our web sites are business applications that use all the correct techniques that ensure your site displays quickly. Whether your customers use a PC or a Mac computer with Internet Explorer, AOL, or Firefox browsers, you site appears correctly.

In addition, the code used to create your site has all the proper information needed so that the main search sites (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc) can find your site. We work with you to use the correct key words and phrase that visitors use to search on the Internet.

Hosting Services
We don't operate our own servers in some local back room. All of our sites are hosted at nation-wide, best-in-class partners, ensuring your site is up and running all the time.