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Advanced Web Site Functions

Site designs vary depending on your business type, target audiences, etc. We have multiple designs for each vertical market, ensuring that your business gets a unique design. We never duplicate your design for any other customer.

 Depending on the type of site, the site can include:

  • Contact Form
  • Secure Order Form
  • Secure Shopping Cart System
  • User Forums
  • News
  • FAQs
  • Stock Quotes
  • Banner Ads
  • Control Panel for updating site
  • and much more...


OneConnection.com has access to a large number of design consultants who, working with us, create designs that are tailored to your business types. Whether you want to sell a product or show off your services, each site is designed specifically for you.
We have access to thousands of designs ranging over most industries, giving your business a professional, attractive look. Through us, you can choose a design that compliments your business. We then use that design with our anlaysis of your business need and create a web site crafted especially for your business.

First and foremost, your site will engage your visitors, explain how your business will meet their need, helping you sell your goods and services. Review our wide range of designs available for any business type. Then give us a call to help you select the exact design that best suites your business.