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About Us

Located in Thousand Oaks, California, OneConnection has been developing advanced web sites for over 10 years. We are dedicated to bring Information Technology solutions to small and medium business owners. Our staff, working within large corporations for the past 20 years, gained the experience necessary to deliver high-quality yet affordable software and systems.

Professional Hosting
We don't host your site in our basement.

We host high quality datacenter partners to provide the network and facilities uptime and reliability that are paramount our infrastructure. The three datacenters are located throughout the midwest United States located in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Missouri. The facilities and locations are free from the natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earth quakes, and power shortages that plague other datacenters throughout the world. We use only datacenters that meet the strenuous requirements for a Tier IV datacenter.  This means redundant network and power.

Why did we choose these partners?  Because Ebay and Paypal did too.  We are in the same buildings, connected the same ways.  It gives you the assurance your site will be up whenever a visitor goes tries to access it.

2im2.jpgWe bring in just the right number of professionals required to complete your project. Our average project requires 1-4 individuals, keeping your costs down.

Our staff are experts in their fields. They work with our partners to integrate these systems into a class of business solutions not usually available to smaller businesses.


We don't spend your time or money on excessive features or try to sell you a large system that you don't need. We follow standard development methodologies , utilizing a rapid development model. What does that mean for you?

  • Reasonable costs
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Close coordination with you
  • Quick Development
  • Standard Implementations
  • Proven solutions

    We have established relationships with only the highest quality services providers. These partners are focused on delivering the best-in-class services for what they do. Our partners' expertise include:

    • Hosting
    • Email Services
    • Credit Card Acceptance
    • Development
    • Client Interaction
    • Statistical Analysis